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Around L-INKED – a video collage set between fictional and real scenarios derived on the spirit of the solo performance ‘L-INKED/Bitch, a perception’ explores the notion of the “Shakti” (energy) that occurs when humans’ bodies interact with each other and form a relationship. It dives into the socio-cultural definitions of a sexual being; addresses the multiplicity present in identities – the diversified singularity of a gendered human body; questions the duality of body and psyche; investigates the act of conscious and unconscious labelling due to the strict criteria available in our knowledge of words to prejudice and stereotype people;  reflect upon the restrictions, shame and self-hatred that may overboard in the society.
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In L-INKED/One-to-One Interaction the participants will encounter different constellations of the project’s performing artists in a protected and intimate atmosphere.
Beginning with a meditative exercise, participants are brought to a level of communication from where they embark on a shared, caring, non/verbal journey of interaction. In One-to-one Interaction, the performing artists invite the participants to reflect on and question personal ideas, concepts, and limits of body perception and utilization based on social political gender narratives.

Bei L-INKED/One-to-One Interaction trifft das Publikum in geschützter Atmosphäre auf jeweils unterschiedliche Konstellationen der Performancekünstler*innen. Einleitend mit einer meditativen Übung werden die Teilnehmer*innen auf eine Kommunikationsebene geholt, um sich von dort auf eine gemeinsame, respektvolle, non/verbale Interaktionsreise zwischen den Performer*innen und den Teilnehmer*innen zu begeben. In One-to-one Interaction laden die Künstler*innen dazu ein, persönlichen Ideen, Konzepte und Grenzen der Körperwahrnehmung und -verwendung zu reflektieren und in Bezug auf sozial-politische Gendernormen zu hinterfragen.

the clay’ed result of One-to-One Interaction that happened between Radoš Veljković and #JaskaranAnand – the performing artists of the project L-INKED


Labelled-unlabelled, boxed-not boxed, white & black, male & female, correct-incorrect; L-INKED/THE SOLO investigates the act of conscious and unconscious labelling to prejudice and stereotype people beyond their identity due to less knowledge of expressions and words. This sensual piece celebrates the uniqueness of every single human being as it unleashes our craving and calls on us to abandon restrictions, shame and self-hatred that leads to de-harmonization of any human self.

The transdisciplinary solo performance L-INKED/THE SOLO is set between fictional and real scenarios, where choreographer and performing artist Jaskaran Anand, challenges the complex reality of a predetermined sexualized human body by examining bodily desires between learned seductions and moments of glitch(es) and trance. The performance reflects upon “desire is a formless entity” and questions the long-term existing duality of body and psyche, showing us the limits of our thinking in opposites and stereotypes.

L-INKED/ One-to-One Interaction @ Lentos Art Museum Lange Nacht der Museen Linz 02.10.2021
ph: Mick Morley

L-INKED/THE SOLO opens a reflection-based space where Jaskaran Anand embodies through various iconographies of the “shakti” (energy) and questions whether different kinds of human bodies are also an iconography of shakti? He further investigates the pre-defined notions of “shakti” when human bodies interact with each other. It is part of a long-term transcultural and social research project L-INKED, directed by Jaskaran Anand, which unfolds the intersections between social, political, and cultural understandings of bodily intimacy and relationship-formation identified via sexuality, love, desire and gender.

Credit:Violetta Wakolbinger


“How one perceives relationship(s)? What are realms of a relationship? How does one define a relationship? Is there a role of dominance in the definition of the relationship?

These series of site-specific performances taking place in open air and closed spaces throws light upon the Shakti (energy) that can be collectively & individually transformed. It talks about the architectural, personal, cultural & social influences that transform the concept of Shakti in a physical form(s).

It aims to re/create a natural site-specific scenery and explore the disappearance of the trained self in that scenery : the public becomes the performer & the performers are the public. This structured improvisation-meditation based series deals with the disappearing of the physical elements like a trained dancer’s body disappears to express the emotions, the music in open air floats with the particles of the air, and the architecture/space merges & re/creates a scenery.

Based on common theater, dance and meditation techniques such as partnering, contact improvisation, shamanic practices, etc., the participants of the site-specific performance series meet in a protected space to go through the process of getting to know each other more deeply in the physicality and emotionality of each other. For non-verbal interaction with the performers, the audience/participants will be provided with tools that will help to artistically express unconscious and/or unspoken perceptions. This inter/intra action will be taken to different public spaces throughout the performance to reflect what a space does to the “learnt seductions” of established relationships. 

Credit: Didi Elena

L-INKED City Swarming, in cooperation with PANGEA/Kunst Fabrik Intensive (EN/ DE)

In City Swarming Linz series, participants can expect a city tour with a focus on exploring their own bodily-relationships with urban spaces through performative movements- whether alone, in pairs or in a group. In the process, an expanded understanding of one body.self in relation to the digital self, and the collective self will emerge. During the street procession, a collective energy with multi-perspective views of the city is formed through the walking dance. The journey can also be understood as a research of the bodies re-formulating the gendered, sexualized and commercialized social-dance moves. The events will be expanded in parallel through mobile live streaming/post-production. The audience is free to join the swarming from various spots in the city. 

This series of workshops includes three dates at which different public spaces are explored together. At the end of each appointment, the experiences and thoughts are reflected together.

ph: Jaskaran Anand