Somehow, I see & hear the gender concept itself is very dual- material based: a sub-body representation which is grounded on the famous duality of masculinity & femininity, where there are 2 sexes & the diversification between them. Here, I believe originate some unconscious codes or labels which divide us in duality & restrict our witnessing of the spectrum which has no two opposite end-points.

In retrospect, I remember this thought already from my childhood- why is it male , female and the third gender (trans), why not „kinds of human beings“. Also felt it represented as some kind of a priority list within society: 1. Man, 2. Woman, (3)rd gender.” – Jaskaran Anand

I felt always that seduction had to do with a game of power. The one who seduces is in power, tries to capture the other into a web of lust, even addiction. Lately i read a much more positive, and very inspiring definition of seduction: to seduce is to share your beauty with another. I like this word sharing, because it says that you also enjoy your own beauty, instead of using it as a tool to overpower the other.” – Robert Stein

There are also non-verbal aspects of dominance as moral norms and unsaid rules that are taught and mark in us by the society we are surrounded. We are affected towards our action and decisions in life as we are supposed to do it in the way the things should be done.

Traditions, manners and adages are giving us directions. But these “rules” are sometimes used and are dictating lives in somebody’s advantage. The social dominance is a pressure on a person to fulfill/meet expectations of society. – Simona Stangova

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