ensemble & team

Jaskaran Anand / concept, art direction, production, performing-artist, choreographer, City Swarming leader

was born in New Delhi, India and has been living in Linz since 2015. He is a performance-maker-artist, dancer-choreographer, pedagogue, researcher and video dramaturge-editor. His works are trans-disciplinary interventions based on intersections between performative-art, scientific & art- based research, and participatory-collaborative artistic practices : using choreography & dance as a method of communication in- & beyond- the traditional art and public spaces. He looks forward to crossing borders, in different depths of artistic media with a focus on the human body acting as an interface. Since 2012, Jaskaran Anand’s works have been presented in Austria, New Zealand and India. Since 2016, he has combined his artistic practices & computer science education and developed projects aimed at diversifying the city of Linz’s art and cultural scene. Since 2017, he has deeply invested himself in the research of his long term art, science & cultural projects : “In-between Privacy” , “L-INKED” , “Hibernating Further”, “MachinedHuman!” and “A New Day – write what you feel and post it” . Since 2017, he has been leading various movement body conscious improvisation workshops: “Transcending Ego (s)”, “City Swarming: A Dance Marathon” and “Playful Bodies”.He has been seen as at festivals such as Impulstanz Vienna International Dance Festival, ARS Electronica Festival, Oriente Occidente Festival and Rome Europa Festival. He is currently also touring & working with Sandra Chatterjee, Ivo Dimchev and CHIASMA/Salvo Lombardo.

(Photo Credit : Mike Kern)

Simona Štangová / dance-performer, assistant choreographer for L-INKED/The Transcription

based in Linz has recently graduated in Movement Studies and Dance Pedagogy at the Anton Bruckner Privat Universität in Linz, Austria, and attended the J. L. Bella Conservatory in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia until 2013. During her studies, Simona took part in various projects under A.Ivanov & O.Osowicz, Banská Bystrica State Opera and Landestheater Linz. She has collaborated with Kunstuni Graz, Perspektiven Festival Attersee , and did an intership at Cie Toula Limnaios. Currently she is working on projects and teaching in Slovakia, Cezch republic, Austria and Romania.

Laura Pudelek / musician-performer

born in Mainz/Germany, lives and works in Vienna as a live- and studio musician
and teacher. She studied Violoncello with Raphael Wallfisch and Wolfgang Aichinger at the
Musikhochschule Mainz and the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Vienna where she
graduated with distinction. The range of her musical output includes classical, contemporary and
experimental/improvised music. As the cellist/bassist and one of the founders of the pop group
Dawa (dawa-official.com), Pudelek has performed all over Europe in various venues including
Konzerthaus Wien, ORF und Radiokulturhaus, Frequency- Festival, Nova- Rock,
Reeperbahnfestival, Donauinselfest. She is part of the experimental music scene in vienna playing
in different formations such as snim (spontaneous network for improvised music)/ klingt.org, The
Maybe Men Hair Empowerment, Oktopus and Xtra Yeti Orchestra. Her curiosity in the limits of
music and sound has led her to collaborate with such artists as Nicholas Hoffman (Word of
Daucus, World of Doubt), Christian Schröder and Florian Fusco (Sisko).

Marcela López Morales / City Swarming leader

born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a graudate in Dance Performance from National University of Arts, Argentina and formal training in Professional Dance Conservatory “Reina Sofía” (Spain). Her work experience include different productions and movement languages, she worked as a dancer in the Contemporary Ballet of Chaco (Argentina); El choque Urbano (Argentina); Contemporary Dance Company of the University of the Arts (Argentina); Andalusian Dance Centre – C.A.D (Spain). As Tango and Argentinean folk dance she worked in various Tangokinesis, Tango and Contemporary Dance Company.

Richard / Musician&live-production for City Swarming Linz

NoizeGuerilla is the musical avatar of Richard G.
Born at his first “rave party” thenoizeguerilla mindstate accompanies Richard ever since.
NoizeGuerilla feeds of the belief, that total destruction is the only solution. To evolve, something within must die and let go to make room for newer and better aspects of ones self.
No fear of the future, no regrets of the past! Let the noize guide you. Since 2008 he is working in the field of media arts as a planer, programmer and electronic designer

Robert Stejin / dramaturgy & conceptual consultance

is based in Amsterdam and Mexico City as a choreographer, director, dramaturge, performer and writer. In Vienna, together with Frans Poelstra, founded the company “United sorry”. They made work for theatres, galleries and the public space. His solo performance “a reborn smoker, dweilling in the clouds of imagination” (premiere San Francisco 2010) ”, this is a dance solo testing the magic beliefs of himself and the audience based on shamanic strategies. He has worked with choreographers as Latifa Labissi (Rennes), Anne Teresa de Keersemaeker (Rosas/Brussels), Maria Hassabi (New York), Georg Blaschke (Vienna) Christina Rizzo (Bologna), Laura Rios (Mexico City) and Jessica Huber (Zürich). Lately he is interested in investigating the intimacy of being human.

Karin Schneider / mediation

She is a contemporary historian and gallery educator. Since 2019 she is the head of education at the Museums of the City of Linz (Lentos art museum and Nordico city museum). 2007-2019 she worked in different research projects to develop art based methods in politics of history in memory, contentious cultural heritages and education e.g. MemScreen and conserved memories at the academy of fine arts vienna; „TRACES – transmitting contentious cultural heritages with the arts“ and „Intertwining Hi/Stories of arts education“ at the Institute for Art Education, Zurich University of the Arts. 2001-2007 she held the staff position for arts education at the museum of modern art, mumok, Vienna.

Lucia Rossi / Assistance, PR & Social Media

studied Translation and European Studies in Trieste and in Paris, then she moved to Germany. Theater has been part of her life since her childhood, she was involved in the organisation and production of theater festivals and she still plays with her ensemble Trentamicidellarte in Italy. She worked in Munich for the TANZPLATTFORM 2020, SPIELART 2021 and Smells of Racism (with Sandra Chatterjee) as production supervisor. She is currently involved in many productions and festivals in the assistance, Social Media, PR&Communication.

(Photo Credit: Claudia Ambanelli)

Aleksandra Mitic

is a Serbian artist and textile designer living in Linz, Austria. She obtained her diploma in Fine Arts with an emphasis in textiles from the School of Design, and her bachelor’s degree from the Universtität für künstlerische und industrielle Gestaltung, where she currently attends the Interface Culture Master program. Inspired by the world around her, nature in its most playful forms, principally using traditional patterns and motifs, in both conventional and contemporary contexts, Aleksandra’s work is driven by the desire to leave something beautiful behind with every step she takes. She has participated as a designer in international fairs such as Première Vision Paris, and in the exhibition of the NEW DESIGNERS LONDON, in London. At the same time, Aleksanda Mitic designs and creates textile works of art and interactive installations, while using different media and materials.

Stefan Fuchs – Technical Support

He is a Software and hardware Engineer based in Linz. He was born in Ried im Innkreis (Upper Austria) and has been working from 2008 till 2018 for the Ars Electronica as Technical Lead in different departments (Museum, Futurelab, Solutions). He is mainly focusing on the creation of haptical user interfaces and applied science applications. He has collaborated with various artists across Europe & USA. He has created an interactive voice visualization which is mobile and can be used in a great variety of environments, like cinemas, theaters & public spaces. In 2019 he created a playful interface about the awareness of data privacy, titled “Kugelbahn”, in collaboration with Ars Electronica, designed for the “Deutsche Spionagemuseum” in Berlin. He further collaborated with Ars Electronica where he created haptic interface focusing on environmental issues “Erdschichtmodell” for the Land Oberösterreich & has received a prize for sustainable education by the Land Oberösterreich in 2019 and is shown at the Schlossmuseum in Linz. For the last couple of years awareness and the
distribution of knowledge have been core themes in his works. This understanding together with his strong technical background lead now to the development of the platform limit.

Karen Schlimp / musician-performer (until 2021)

is a Musician, Composer, Improvisation Artist, Music University Teacher. Graduated from Vienna Music University, Guildhall School of Music and Drama London, and Leipzig Music Academy. She had made many trips for intercultural studies to India, Canada and Sri Lanka in collaboration with Benares Hindu University and Goa University in India.
Currently she is teaching as Professor at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz, Lecturer for Ensembles and Improvisation at Mozarteum (Music University Salzburg) and Vienna Music University. She recently had a book published in the field of Artistic Improvisation. She is very well known for her ‘Pianoprojects’ in public spaces under Pianomobile (grand piano on a bicycle trailer, Piano pyramid-a Piano-Climbing Sculpture, Tree Talk- Piano swinging in a tree).

Carla Zamora / production, management, communication (until 2021)

born in Vorarlberg, Austria and based in Linz since many years. After being trained in classical music (harp), she studied at the University for Applied Sciences Dornbirn and Art University Linz. She is experienced in video production and production management for international art & culture projects, and currently working as research associate at Danube University Krems.
In her work she is most interested in interdisciplinary networks and complexities, how we perceive ourselves in our (natural) environment and intercultural communication.

Emilija Veljković / musician – cello (until 2021)

Jazz and Improvised Music student from Serbia, currently living and studying in Linz since 2012. She has completed her Classical Cello Bachelor program at Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität in Linz in the class of Andreas Pözlberger. She is currently working on getting her second Bachelor degree in Jazz Cello in the class of Peter Herbert (Double Bass). Ema attended lots of workshops with famous artists such as Gautier Capucon, Istvan Varga, Stephan Braun and many others. For several years in a row, Ema volunteered at the Nisville Jazz Festival (Nis, Serbia). She has also participated in a theatrical piece “Balkanoperette“ as a Solo Cello in Landestheater (Linz) and has worked since as a musician all over Austria with various artists and at many organized events.

(Photo Credit : Claudia Erblehner)

Radoš Veljković / musician – viola (until 2021)

Jazz and Improvised Music student from Serbia, currently living and studying in Linz since 2012. She has completed her Classical Cello Bachelor program at Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität in Linz in the class of Andreas Pözlberger. She is currently working on getting her second Bachelor degree in Jazz Cello in the born in Niš, Serbia. Since 2016 based in Linz, Austria he works as a freelance Jazz & classical musician. He is currently completing his classical Viola and Jazz Electric Guitar Bachelor studies at Anton Bruckner Private University (Linz). He focuses on combining the world of classical and jazz music through connecting the old with the new, approaching the music with both technique and soul. Rados performed across Europe as a soloist, in numerous bands & ensembles and received various prizes at European- , national- , & youth- level competitions held in Serbia.

(Photo Credit : Atila Vadoc)

Karin Harasser / dramaturgical consultance (until 2021)

is a Austrian media and cultural scientist . She is a curator, literary writer, publisher and since 2013 is a Professor of Cultural Studies at the Art University Linz. After studying history and German , he received his doctorate in 2005 from the University of Vienna with a dissertation on computer hystories. Narratives of the digital cultures around 1984 . In 2014 he completed his habilitation at the Humboldt University in Berlin on prostheses. Figures of a damaged modern age . Karin Harrasser’s main research areas include body, self and media techniques , processes of temporalization, theories of the subject / objects , popular culture / science fiction , genres and methods of cultural studies , gender and agency .