Around L-INKED

How do we define, stereotype & practice the idea of relationships between humans? How can we unravel the sensitivity and sensibility of forming relationships through the intersections of different cultural, & socio-poltical ideas of gendered & sexualized bodies? How these pre-occupations  amongst people, especially patriarchal, may trigger restrictions in expressions of physical intimacy & body shaming? Where does pop-culture and current culture of social media play a role? Where does fear play a role?

Objet trouvé presented at imagetanz2021/brut wien

The video around the project L-INKED work questions the duality of body and psyche, shows the limits of our thinking in opposites and stereotypes. It investigates how the act of conscious & unconscious labelling due to the strict criteria available in our knowledge of words to prejudice and stereotype people, may restrict oneself from experiencing the liberation in body desires bodily desires that help throw limitations, shame and self-hatred overboard.

The interactive film Around L-INKED grabs the essence of the project L-INKED which is set between fictional and real scenarios derived on the spirit of the performance L-INKED/Bitch, a perception (prev. titled L-INKED). It explores the notion of the “Shakti” (energy) that occurs when humans’ bodies interact with each other.  It discusses the concept that “desire has no fixed form” and unravels the diversified singularity of a gendered human body by exploring the bodily desires between the learnt seductions & moments of trance.

The performance L-INKED/Bitch, a perception (prev. titled L-INKED) started as a text-based solo improvisation performance influenced by personal, the socio-political & cultural experiences around the topic of physical intimacy and its relationship with the Indian mythology of “Shiva Shakti/ Adi Shakti“, iconographed as Ardhanarishvara – embeds the feminine and the masculine in a body. Together, the energies are in balance and harmony: Labelled-unlabeled, boxed-not boxed, white & black, male & female, good & bad.

A work-progress showing with artist talk will be shown as part of imagetanz. The live premiere is planned for fall 2021.

Concept, performer, choreographer, camera, video direction & editing  Jaskaran Anand ; Dramaturgy in collaboration with Robert Steijn ; Dramaturgical Consultant Karin Harrasser; Camera & Web- interface Stefan Fuchs; Music RENU- Renu Hossain (Beginning, 1984, Urge Urge Urge) , Ashley do Rego (violin), Rados Veljkovic (viola), Jaskaran Anand (Piano improvisation) and music lead from Soap & Skin – What a Wonderful World; Text Jaskaran Anand with excerpts from interviews and discussions; Voices Jaskaran Anand, Karin Harrasser, Madhavi Menon, Alice Moe, Anna Leitgeb, Karen Schlimp, Robert Steijn, David Thizzla, Ema Veljkovic, Rados Veljkovic and online sources with voice modulation; delivered by

Coproduction by Jaskaran Anand / trivium and imagetanz 2021/ brut Wien. With kind support of Land Kultur OÖ , RedSapata Tanzfabrik Linz. In cooperation with D.ID Dance Identity, dorftv linz, and Holykuti Records UK . Special thanks to Land Kultur OÖ , the team of imagetanz2021/brut wien, Altered Affair/Valie Export Linz/Art University of Linz, dorftv linz and the team of project L-INKED.